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I have served the City of Isanti as Mayor since 2007. We have accomplished great things together and I look forward to building on our success. United, we move forward to a better future. You may contact me at 763-442-8749 or e-mail me at george@georgewimmer.com.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Legislative Visit Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that Senator Olseen and Representative Eastlund will be visiting Isanti City Hall during our July 3rd Council meeting.

We will receive a legislative update and then there will be an opportunity for questions from the public. I strongly encourage you to come and ask questions. This is an excellent chance to hear first hand from those that make decisions in our name.

The democratic process only works if we are involved.

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country."---

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oberstar Visit Update

Our visit with Congressman Oberstar was a great success. We first met with a prospective bio-diesel company I have been working to locate in Isanti. The company has cutting edge technology and the Congressman brought his years of experience and technical knowledge to the table. The company representatives told me he asked the best questions they have heard so far.

We then met to discuss the proposed pedestrian bridge. I gave a brief presentation then answered a number of questions from the Congressman. He stated his support and the need for the project then asked to visit the site.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Guest Kevin Riedeman of Rum River BMX

This is just a friendly reminder that this coming Wednesday the 27th of June is Rum River BMX second community night. Next Saturday & Sunday is our first large race weekend... on Saturday we have our earned double point race and on Sunday we have our Redline Cup National qualifier. We are expecting some where between 350 - 750 people in town at the track each day. It should be a awesome weekend so I would invite you to stop by and watch for a while if you have time. Spectators always watch for free.

For more information call 444-5429 or email kevin@rumriverbmx.com

Kevin Riedeman

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I will be performing Landmark's Bingo calling at the community Center from 12:30 pm to 3 pm on July 7th. Hope to see you there.

Dunk Tank

I will be in the Isanti Ambassador dunk tank July 7th from 10 am to noon. The dunk tank will be located on Main Street with the other Jubilee Day festivities. Hope to see you there.

Congressman Oberstar Visit

Congressman Oberstar is scheduled to visit Isanti June 24th at 1pm to discuss the Pedestrian Bridge project.

June 19th Council Update

There were three items we discussed at last nights Council meeting I want to follow up on. Police Investigator, Fee Schedule and Building Inspection position.

The Council approved a grant application to help fund a possible police investigator position. This does not mean that we will hire an investigator but does provide partial funding for two years if we do decide to hire an investigator.

The Council called a public hearing for July 17th to update our fee schedule. This fee schedule includes a vast array of fees from development to deck to dog fees. Almost all city fees are included. I hope anyone that has concerns or question will attend the July 17th Council meeting.

The last item is one of our most difficult task as a Council. We decided to eliminate one of our building inspection positions. This was in no way a performance issue but was an economic decision. As building fees have declined drastically along with the work load it no longer made any economic sense to continue the position. We have brought in only 27% of anticipated building fees due to the dramatic slow down in housing. We also need to remember the building fees pay portions of about 6 other city positions as well.

I have been warning about the impact of the inevitable housing bubble bursting for over two years. I have in the past and will continue to push to reduce city cost. The only other option is to raise property taxes. The last two City budgets exploded spending by over 40%. I voted against these budgets for this very reason.

The bonding for the east of 65 expansion was based on a little over 100 new houses per year. We are on pace for 56 this year. We had only 89 last year. If we do not bring in enough development fees to cover the bond you and I as taxpayers will have to pay. This goes against my goal to have development pay for itself.

We are entering into our budgeting process and I will again fight to reduce city expenses and our already high property taxes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great Yard Award Update

We have received nearly 20 nominations for the Great Yard Award. Just two days left to get your nominations in.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Royal Golf Tournament

The Royal Golf Tournament is closing in fast. Contact the Chamber office to get your team signed-up. It is a great time and helps support a stronger community.

Royal Golf Tournament
June 22, 2007
Sanbrook Golf Course
Sign up time is 1:00 to 1:45 PM
Contact for more information:


Friday, June 15, 2007

Senator Olseen

Senator Olseen will be joining us at Council July 3rd. He will be discussing the past legislative session and answering questions. The Senator and Representative Eastlund will be first on the agenda at 7pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Representative Eastlund Planned visit to Council

State Representative Rob Eastlund will be at the Isanti City Council meeting July 3rd. Representative Eastlund will speak briefly about the legislative session and answer questions.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mayor's Great Yard Award

I am happy to announce the creation of the "Mayor's Great Yard Award". This award will recognize the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our residents in maintaining a beautiful City. Landmark Bank will continue to show its commitment, with over 100 years of community involvement, by financing the monetary awards.

The awards are open to all Isanti City residents. Nominations will be accepted through Park and Recreation staff, Lisa Krause, who can be contacted at lkrause@ci.isanti.mn.us or by mail or drop off at Isanti City Hall, 110 First Ave N, PO Box 428, Isanti, MN 55040. You may nominate yourself or any property within Isanti city limits. The Park and Recreation board will judge all entries and make recommendations to the Mayor for award winners. Awards will be presented for June, July and August. You may not win consecutive awards. All Park and Recreation board members as well as city staff and their immediate family members are not eligible.

1st place winner receives $100 and Mayoral Proclamation
2nd place winner receives $50 and Mayoral Proclamation
3rd place winner receives $25 and Mayoral Proclamation

All nominations must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month. The awards will be presented by the Mayor at the following Council meeting.

June 5th Council Meeting Update

The June 5th council meeting had a few topics that I wish to discuss.

The first issue is that of train noise. The Council has received numerous train related complaints. Last fall the Council researched options to help reduce the noise pollution. Mr. Harris asked about quiet zones, which the council had discussed last fall. The "quiet" zones are a bit of a misnomer. There still is a horn blowing from a fixed position that may improve the overall noise pollution but could only be a marginal benefit. The cost associated with more expansive crossing arms and road improvements to qualify for the "quiet" zones is prohibitive. Isanti has also had a train fatality in the recent past which leads me to believe the more warnings our residents receive of an oncoming train the better. This will continue to be an ongoing issue and as soon as there is a cost effective and safe alternative to the train whistle the City will jump on board.

We approved a development agreement with Pat's Small Engines. This is a success on several levels. This business provided all the information I had been asking of all business that apply to the city. We received balance sheet and business plan information. The company will also provide 14 jobs in the first year with pay ranges of $10 to $19 an hour. I am happy to welcome Pat's Small Engines to town.

The next item is the ordering of a cash flow analysis for our TIF districts. I have long been apprehensive about the ability of our TIF districts to pay for themselves. With this cash flow analysis we will finally have a handle of the effect of our business subsidies.

The fourth item is the renovation and cleaning of the Community Center This facility has been long neglected. This initial step should take us a long way to having a building we can be proud of.

The issue of further annexation also was discussed. A request to annex 34.44 acres to the City located on the SW corner of highway 65 and 301st. I voted against moving forward with the annexation process because the City's carrying cost would out weigh any timely gain. I was the only member to vote against. The City will be responsible for maintenance on 299th, Buchanan and 301st which is currently serviced by Isanti Township. We have an estimated cost of $530,000 to bring City water and sewer to this property along with proper road upgrades for a short stretch of 301st. Sewer and Water would have to come from Cajima and by-pass several non-annexed properties. Isanti has considerable commercial property currently vacant that the taxpayer is already paying to service. Once we have a further need for more annexed land then it would make sense to annex more land to Isanti.

The last item I want to talk about is the police intern. The police intern started out as so many programs do as a low to no cost benefit to the City. The funding has stopped and now the City has to pay for a previously free benefit. The intern was not budgeted and was approved by the Council as a free program. I also believe that with 1 full time and 2 part time clerical/secretary positions in the police department we need no further support staff. If we are serious about controlling city cost and lower property taxes we must stick to our budget unless there are matching funds that make taxpayer dollars stretch further. This is not a reflection on the individual involved but simply a financial decision. We are going to have holes in our budget with this type of spending and only you and I as taxpayers can fill that hole. I voted against continuing this position but was out voted 4-1

Friends of the Rum River

Press Release: Friends of the Rum River meeting at Bunker Hills June 14Friends of the Rum River is pleased to introduce our next speaker, Jim Cummings, who will be presenting on "The History of Lakes Ogechie and Mille Lacs at the Headwaters of the Rum River." This repeat performance, back by popular demand, was originally presented at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park, where Jim is Chief Interpreter and Anthropologist. It will be held this coming Thursday, June 14 from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Anoka County Park Bunker Hills Activity Center. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the activities and aspirations of Friends of the Rum River.The Bunker Hills Activity Center is located just south of Bunker Hills Blvd NW, north of Hwy 242, and between Foley Blvd and Jefferson Avenue. Call Anoka County Parks at 763-862-4970 for more detailed directions, or check their website online at www.anokacountyparks.com.

"Friends of the Rum River" was originally organized in Mille Lacs County to address sewage input concerns into the Rum River at Princeton. The group was reformed in January, 2006 in Cambridge with the assistance of original members. Its intent now is to draw interest of river enthusiasts throughout the 1552 square mile watershed (drainage basin) of this "wild and scenic" river, which includes Lake Mille Lacs and extends 145 miles south to the Mississippi River at Anoka, passing through 11 counties in the process.

Meetings are held every second month, rotating up and down the watershed. An eight page newsletter is also published bimonthly, "News from the Rum River Watershed," which addresses concerns up and down the watershed.For information on a group of folks who are currently organizing to research the history of the Rum River, contact Lyle Bradley at 763-421-1663.

For more information on organizing a meeting of "Friends of the Rum River" in your area or to receive the free email newsletter, contact Kriste at 612-309-5838, or RumRiverNews@yahoo.com. Copies of "News from the Rum River Watershed" may also be viewed on-line at www.millelacsswcd.org. Hardcopies are made available at schools, libraries, government centers, food co-ops and coffee shops.Mission of Friends of the Rum River:To provide a base of knowledge that we can use to make wise decisions concerning the Rum River watershed, and to preserve, enhance and enjoy its resources.

Vision Statement of FRR:To improve our ability to care for the Rum River watershed and all of the associated watersheds that make up the Mississippi River system.