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Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Writer Alan Duff for Connexus Board of Directors

Our County Commissioner Alan Duff is running for Connexus Board of Directors and if elected he will take his track record of no increased taxes and fees into this new position. Energy cost are one of the fundamental issues we all face and having proven leadership in such a key position is critical to our regions success. What follows is Mr. Duffs letter those interested in improving our energy cost and delivery. 

Dear Family & Friends:

Ballots for the Connexus Board of Directors have been mailed out to over 120,000 Connexus customers.  Members can vote by mailing ballots to Connexus OR you can vote online at www.connexusenergy.com if you have your Connexus account number and password from your ballot.

For more information, you can go to:

My Web site at: www.alanduff.net
My Campaign Flyer is attached (pdf)

Thank you for your support and be sure to make it a great day!  Alan

Alan Duff

The next several years will be critical for Connexus. With increased environmental regulations, decreased state support and reduced property values, providing affordable energy will be challenging.  However, this is NOT the time to increase costs or reduce services on already over-burdened customers.  We must find innovative solutions that best protect our future. 

As a retired military officer who served 23 years, including five years as Regional Environmental Officer, I offer unique insights for providing cost-effective solutions at Connexus.  Recipient of the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, I have continued public service locally as an elected City Councilmember and now County Commissioner for Isanti County.  

I have fought hard against excessive taxes and regulations with Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency as cornerstones of my leadership style in public service.  You can review my public record and additional credentials at www.alanduff.net.  Thank you for considering Alan Duff for Connexus District 3 Director!


Anonymous said...

Great, if Duff can keep our energy costs down like he has our county taxes, that would help out our family budget. He has my vote.

Barb said...

I'm a little perplexed. Is this a trade off for putting his wife on the council when you needed a helping hand?

George said...

That is a pretty goofy statement.... Louise Duff was a former Council Member and EDA Chair. She was the only applicant that had any previous experience as a Council member and therefore did not need any training in the position... she was also the only applicant that was not interested in running for the permanent position...